Integrating emacs org-mode and google calendar

A python script to synchronize .ical file

I am an EMACS user and consequently I use the amazing Org mode to plan my schedule and to manage my projects. However I was boring about how I synchronized the .ics file from EMACS and my Google calendar. I spent some minutes in my Google calendar to clear the appointments, and import a new file. So, a while ago I improved my routine. I did know nothing about it.

First of all, I read about org-cal and org-caldav. I found a great blog Cestlaz, it provided me a good experience. A last topic was about Google API Client Libraries using Python I didI. I gathered all the information and created (or adapted) a Python script to work for me.

The script is quite simple, from shell (I use Linux Ubuntu) you just need to run the script. It erases all appointments in Google calendar, and sends the .ics file from EMACS org mode.


A weakness in that script is the speed. The appointments are sent one by one, regarding the number of the appointments in .ics file, the upload may take some minutes. For now it is good enough to me, maybe I will try to improve that code.

You can find that script and more information on my Github. Let me know you have some question, just send me a e-mail.


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